Your contribution helps in many ways…

The Library in receipt of the NLRA is afforded an opportunity to create a new position, which in turn, contributes to the growth of the library and its services. It may also help the library present an evidence-based proposal to create a new permanent position.

The new librarian resident gets a full year of full-time, paid experience in an academic library. They are an ex-officio member of OCULA council and as such participate in council meetings and the various activities associated with OCULA in addition to their workplace responsibilities in their position.

OCULA enjoys the benefit of an enthusiastic council member who can offer fresh perspectives in important discussions about academic libraries.

Your contribution will be used to help fund a NEW LIBRARIAN at a college or university.

“It’s not just a career-starter; it’s a life changer”

  • Enhance recruitment in college and university libraries
  • Provide work experience to new librarians
  • Be part of something great.
  • Kickstart the career of a new or recent graduate
  • Provides libraries to create new and innovative positions

A contribution from you and/or from your organization will help the NLRA get off to a great start. We promise accountability, and will issue a receipt, although contributions are not tax-deductible.

100% of contributions are put directly toward the award.