Who are past recipients?

Look at the Past Recipients section of the NLRA website to learn more about past winners, host institutions, and the positions offered.

How much money should I contribute to make a difference?

Any amount large or small is most welcome and makes a difference!

Can I get a tax receipt for my contribution?

Tax receipts cannot be issued for contributions to the award. Your contributions go toward paying a salary, which disqualifies contributions from being a charitable donation.

Why are we fundraising now when we didn’t need to before?

From 2009 to 2012, the OCULA New Librarian Residency Award was offered as a pilot using operational funds from OLA. In 2016, OLA councils and boards recognized that this was not a sustainable, long-term practice that was beneficial to association operational efforts on the whole.

Councils and boards also saw the award as a vital opportunity for library staff in Ontario to support new grads in their sector. Recognizing that everyone can relate to the experience of getting their first job in a library setting, OCULA decided to crowdfund the award.

What happens if we don’t raise enough money?

The New Librarian Residency Award is largely dependent on your generosity. If we do not raise enough funds by the OLA 2018 Super Conference, we will not be able to offer the award for 2018. At this point, the award fundraising task force will have to consider other options for funding, such as a member levy, or reassess the timelines and availability of the award.

How else is OCULA working to fund the award?

We recognize the New Librarian Residency Award as an opportunity like no other. OCULA Council is consistently looking for ways to not only activate our membership to ward a common goal, but also to engage with community partners and institutions. For this reason, Council aims to seek contributions from OCULA members as well as relevant third parties.

If an organization you are affiliated with is interested in contributing to this award, please contact Stephanie Pimentel at